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Sherapy Sugar Therapy

My name is Sheri Deburcheo and I'm the mother of two grown sons and the grandmother of three grandsons. I have three cats named Ollie, Inky, and Blu.

I started making my own sugar scrubs in 2013 because I wanted to control what I put on my skin and I wanted to smell good despite many allergies to mainstream fragrances. That's the reason the things on my site are scented like desserts or fruits. 

I also discovered that the menfolk kinda like a gal who smells like sweets. That worked out great for me! My husband says he married me because I'm funny and I smell like chocolate cake. I guess my daddy was right, the way to a man's heart is through his tummy. 

I've been giving my scrubs away for years as gifts and this year I decided to put labels on them with the name Sherapy. It's what my sister-in-law calls my auntie therapy sessions with her daughters. And that's what got me started on this business.

Since then, I have created several new products with a bakery theme in mind. My absolute favorite product is Body Butter with Hemp Extract. I could not function without it. A drunk driver hit me in 2013 and messed up my neck. I lived in constant pain until CBD. I thought I'd never see a pain free day again but this product changed that and changed my life.

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